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What is Database Conversion?

Generally, data conversion means the process of converting data stored in one format to another format. In other words, data conversion is a data migration process from one Database Management System (DBMS) to another without a loss of data and accuracy.

This process can prove to be time-consuming and expensive,involving considerable manual effort for integration.

Your conversion requirements are unique because you have a unique database and applications. Some tools convert only typical issues and they cannot be adjusted to your specific requirements.

As a result,you spend considerable time and money ompleting and refining the conversion.

Professional Data Migration

With Mitchell 1 Transporter you get professional data
 migration at an affordable price. Your valuable customer data will be preserved and properly converted for use with Mitchell 1 Manager and ManagerPlus systems, enabling you to utilize the #1 shop management system and supporting services.

Mitchell 1 Transporter automates the entire migration process transferring data, database schema and business logic. It automatically handles all changes between interdependent objects where available and facilitates the conversion requiring minimum resources and time to complete a migration project.

The goal of the conversion process is to identify applicable and relational data from available tables within the Source Database; and re-create that data in a Mitchell 1 Manager/ManagerPlus Destination Database. This allows an accurate transfer of data from the source to the destination.

Customer Data


Mitchell 1 Transporter will transfer all available data within your current database including customer, vehicle and historical records when available. Additional database elements transferred include recommendations, inventory, customer totals and balances. Your business is not disrupted by leaving customer information behind.

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