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    " I know half my marketing dollars are WASTED, I just don't know what half"...
        John Wannamaker
The Right Message At The Right Time
Customer Retention Marketing (CRM) from Mitchell 1 integrates seamlessly with your Mitchell 1 shop management system. Everyday you’ll be turning first-time customers into loyal, profitable customers simply by using your shop management system to run your business. As your customer satisfaction improves, repeat business leads to increased revenue and profit
Mitchell 1 Customer Retention Marketing (CRM) Service Reminders are the first step to optimizing your valuable customer database. Service-specific recommendations are pulled directly from your Mitchell 1 Manager database and sent to your current customers as their vehicles come up for scheduled maintenance. The personalized nature of the cards means that they won’t be regarded as “junk mail,” but rather an important form of communication between you and your customers. One of the biggest challenges most shops face is ensuring that they are communicating with repeat customers, and making sure they are scheduling regular appointments to properly maintain their vehicles. Loyal customers are the cornerstone of any solid, successful business. Maintaining these core customers is vital to ensuring that your business continues to grow and profit. (Requires Mitchell 1 or ShopKey management systems).

Features include
   Target Market Promotions Access
   Service Recommendations
   Service Reminder Postcards 
   Service Reminder E-mails
   Dedicated Marketing Support Center
   Priority Technical Support
   CRM Summary Reports
   Daily Shop Progress Report
   New Customer Thank You E-mails
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What about email marketing?

Customer response rate is often higher using emails rather than physical mailings
Mitchell's exciting eCRM product lets you design custom email " postcards " and specials, and even helps you find emails for the customers you already have in your database!

And the cost? Just $129 per month for a 12 month contract.
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