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Repair Connect

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Intelligent Diagnostics

Mitchell 1 continues to lead the industry in repair information by bringing you concise diagnostic information for classes 4-8. Repair-Connect, where trouble codes meet diagnostics in mere seconds. While other companies take a conventional approach to repair, Mitchell 1 developed Repair-Connect from an entirely different starting point: years of collective knowledge from YOU our customer. In other words, we listened.

  • Trouble Codes
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Connector Views
  • Testing Steps
  • ...and More

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Digital Photographs
Thousands of digital photos provide full-color detail views of components and locations to accurately provide real world examples.

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Wiring Diagrams
Repair-Connect delivers a “to the point” diagram, displaying just the wires making up a circuit. When you need them, Repair-Connect also swiftly provides the entire engine diagram.

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Connector Views
Authentic connector views with pin-outs - photographed at the source- allow the technician to quickly pin point the circuit test and correctly diagnose the problem.

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