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Medium Truck

The First Choice of Trucking Professionals

Specializing in the service, maintenance and repair of medium-duty (Classes 4 thru 7) trucks, Medium Truck is designed to be one of the most powerful PC-based shop tools ever developed.

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Say “Goodbye” To Books and Manuals
Medium Truck is a powerful, easy-to-use browser-based software tool. With Medium Truck’s time-saving information retrieval system, you’re only a couple of “clicks” away from accessing the most up-to-date medium-duty service, repair and TSB information available.

We’ve Set the Bar Higher

Medium Truck has made great strides in its quest to bring you more of the information your shop needs to perform every job quickly, correctly and profitably. We’re dedicated to providing you with a valuable shop tool that’s not only more useful and user-friendly but
extremely comprehensive as well.

We’ll Keep You Up to Date
Although the current Medium Truck database is substantial, it’s still not big enough to suit us. That’s why we’ve hand-picked a team of highly trained technical editors (most of whom are certified mechanics themselves) and tasked them with a difficult, yet critical, job: Add tens of thousands of new pages of tables, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, TSBs—all manner of valuable service and repair information—to Medium Truck’s database every year! The result is a consistent  “shot in the arm” to your shop and its ability to handle the up-keep of today’s increasingly sophisticated medium-duty trucks!

Medium Truck Can Make You Money!
Putting Medium Truck to work in your facility is the right move if you’re looking to gain a quick, effective and high-tech advantage over your competition. Medium Truck is designed to help your technicians work smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before. As a matter of fact, while your competition wastes time employing “old-fashioned” search methods (i.e., phones, books, manuals, etc.), your techs will be “pointing and clicking” their way to another finished job!

Make no mistake: Medium Truck is a powerful tool. It’s also easy to use, flexible and fast. And as your shop’s volume of work and efficiencies increase, the resultant stacks of completed repair orders will provide you with another nice benefit…more profit


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