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Customer Accessibility
OwnerAutoSite.comNew for Mitchell 1 Customer Retention Marketing (CRM) users, OwnerAutoSite.com is a Web-based loyalty service that provides your customers with valuable vehicle information in a convenient easy-to-access Web site.

The OwnerAutoSite.com vehicle pages are automatically created for every customer that you have in your CRM database. Your shop logo, coupons, hours of operation and other pertinent information is displayed on the Web site in a professional manner.

OwnerAutoSite.com provides your customers with easy access to vehicle service history and scheduled service information as well as the option to request appointments and print out coupons. Your customers will also have access to OnlineServiceAdvisor, a vehicle diagnostic tool built to reduce diagnostic time and improve the accuracy of traditional repairs. This service is designed to help your customers communicate clearly with their technician or service advisor.

The Web-based questionnaire covers everything from routine vehicle maintenance, brakes, transmission and drivetrain, to cooling and heating systems... and more.


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OwnerAutoSite.com Features
  • Vehicle service history is available in convenient window for printing and sorting.
  • The Next Service Due feature provides important details for scheduled maintenance.
  • OnlineServiceAdvisor is a tool that helps your customers communicate the problem they are experiencing with their vehicle.
  • CRM coupons are available to your customers in an easy to locate and print format.
  • Customers have the options to request an appointment date online.


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