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Manager SE


Converting to Manager SE v6 from Manager v5 (5.7 or above) is an easy automated process. During installation, the Manager SE application grabs your existing Manager v5 (5.7 or above) Access database and makes a copy in SQL (Sequel database) format for use by Manager SE. All of your data will be transferred over during this one time conversion. From that point it is possible to run both versions on the same computer without interference, but the two databases will not be in communication with each other. So any data entered in one system moving forward will be in that one system only. This means that conversion to Manager v6 is permanent in the sense that new data added to Manager cannot be automatically converted back into the Manager v5 system. 

Manager SE is available by lease only. Ownership of the software is not an option as it was with Manager v5. Therefore, any customer that currently owns a copy of Manager v5 that wishes to upgrade to Manager SE must move to the rental model.

Because of its SQL database, Manager SE requires a modern computer (see System Requirements below). Manager v5 runs on an Access database which was designed for older generation computers. Though the hardware requirements are higher for SQL, the upgrade provides greater database stability and the option for the use of wireless connections.

Manager SE requires an “always on” Internet connection (ideally the connection should be high-speed for integrating with OnDemand5.com). The application periodically checks with Mitchell 1’s server to verify a legitimate license to run the application. The application will continue to run for a limited time grace-period if Internet connectivity is lost. 

What is in Manager SE 6.3 that’s not in Manager 5.9:
  • VIN decoding through CARFAX
  • Quick access buttons to tab between Management system and
  • OnDemand5.com/ShopKey5.com.
  • Integrated e-mail function for easy e-mailing of reports to customers.
  • Autoi Catalog integration (often used by Federated Auto Parts).CARQUEST Weblink II catalog integration (available by simple download).
  • MORE catalog integration (available by simple download from Snap-on Business Solutions).
  • SQL database allowing wireless connectivity.
  • Custom shop logo printed on reports.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) - Columns are sortable with a single click.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) - Column arrangement can be dragged and dropped into place.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) - Columns can be searched by keyword.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) – Individual cells can be edited individually on the fly.
  • Screen view settings saved by individual user.
  • User definable vehicle notes categories.
  • Online Help system and Training Videos.
  • Installation and lease license extension performed via Internet (no floppy diskettes used).

    What is in Manager 5.9 that’s not in Manager SE 6.3:
    • Support for Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.
    • Disc-based reference data interface (Repair, Maintenance, Estimator).
    • Data Protection and Recovery (DPR).
    • Canadian Customer Retention Marketing (CRM) integration.
    • ServiceIntelligence integration.
    • PerformanceCenter Daily Reports.
    • QuickBooks integration.
    • ShopCAT disc-based catalog integration.
    • ACDelcoWISE disc-based catalog integration.

    If you’re looking to make the switch from Manager 5.9 to Manager SE 6.3, you must:
    • Have a modern computer running Microsoft Windows XP* or Vista (32-bit).
    • Have “always on” Internet access to authenticate and maintain your product license.
    • High-speed access is required for integrating with reference data such as Maintenance Schedules, Parts and Labor information, etc.
    • Be willing to convert to a rental model if you “own” your current management system.
    • Be willing to do without DPR, Canadian CRM, ServiceIntelligence, PerformanceCenter Daily Reports, or QuickBooks Integrator temporarily while they are modified to work with Manager SE.
    • Be willing to permanently do without connecting to any disc-based parts catalog.

    OPTIMAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:Intel© Pentium 4 Business class computer • Microsoft ® Windows XP SP2* (Any 32 bit Edition) or Vista (Any 32 bit Edition) • Two Gigabytes (GB) or more Random Access Memory (RAM) • 80 Gigabytes available hard disk drive space • 19” color monitor 1280 x 1024 resolution • Dual Layer DVD-ROM Drive • Keyboard • Mouse • Sound Card and speakers (For training videos) • Inkjet or Laser printer (Due to the large variety of printers available we cannot guarantee that every printer will be compatible with our software.) • 2 GB USB Thumb Drive, Flash Drive or similar device to store daily database backups • (USB memory drive must be configured with a logical drive letter.) • A UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply) is recommended. • Broadband Internet Connection • Internet Explorer 7.0. •

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